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La Rae & Keith Kaarup

Meet the Founders

Joining forces after meeting in San Francisco’s corporate lifestyle, founders Keith and La Rae Kaarup, aspired to get out of the working city, and shift to entrepreneurs. Watching from afar, they saw a niche for secondary wine packaging services that needed to be filled in the booming wine industry, right in their backyard.
Growing up, Keith’s family owned and operated a winery in California, giving him a backbone in this major career and life venture. Blending the expertise of Keith’s engineering and tactile skills, along with La Rae’s years of experience in sales, staffing, and marketing, it made a great combination for success. They decided to establish Vinpak, planting it right here in American Canyon, and currently on their third and largest location. Starting a family during the process of the growing company was a challenge La Rae and Keith say they had the pleasure of tackling. Raising their son and animals at the Vinpak Warehouse was a true delight for employees and anyone who entered the office.
The continuous family dedication is the reason Vinpak stands and acts as a family operation after 2 decades. The family has placed prioritizing values on our customers as much as our employees, in which we would not be able to achieve the growth and success without the support of.
Thank you for supporting a local family-owned business. Give us the opportunity to show you why “Aging Never Looked So Good”.


644 Hanna Drive Suite D,
American Canyon, CA 94503

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